Force Multiplier™

State-of-the-art on-demand aerial surveillance.

The Latest in Surveillance Technology

The Force Multiplier™ program delivers self-sufficient, mission-ready aircraft for complex maritime surveillance anywhere in the world. 

The Force Multiplier™ gives clients the situational awareness they need. Aircraft are available with a complete crew complement and integral maintenance capability on an hourly, monthly or long-term leased basis, alleviating the costs and logistical burdens of adopting surveillance and reconnaissance capability for any length of time. 

Building on PAL Aerospace’s decades of operational experience, Force Multiplier™ offers our clients access to the most tailored, targeted, affordable and capable aircraft on the market.


We can augment your Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capacity when you:

  • Need an ISR solution right away
  • Do not want to assume the asset ownership obligations associated with logistics, maintenance, crewing and other demands of an ISR aircraft
  • Need to access additional advanced ISR capacity for your mission 
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Custom Solutions to Suit Your Mission

The Force Multiplier™ is available anywhere in the world for missions of any duration. It comes with a wide range of advanced sensors and equipment so you can customize your ideal mission solution.

Cutting-Edge Technology

When you contract the Force Multiplier™, you get access to the latest technology to meet the demands of any strategic maritime surveillance mission.

More Special Mission Options

We offer a wide range of contracted ISR services, including special mission aircraft, equipment and crews.

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