Ice Management

Increasing awareness and reducing risk.

30+ Years of Effective Ice Management

Our offshore clients rely on us to help them operate safely with a minimum of ice-related downtime. Our maritime patrol aircraft are equipped with advanced radar systems designed to detect and track icebergs even in low-visibility conditions. This data feeds into our Ice Data Network System, enabling us to provide comprehensive risk analysis and threat assessment. When action is required, we develop and deploy effective and approved ice management strategies, plans and operations.


We can help you with:

  • Ice detection
  • Ice tracking
  • Ice assessment
  • Ice management


We have protected the investments of many offshore extraction companies, including:

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Ice Management

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Shore-Based Ice Centre

Our Ice Centre in Eastern Canada collects ice data from around the world, analyzing and integrating it into a single, comprehensive system to give you a complete picture of your ice situation.

Ice Data Network System

All the ice data we collect feeds into our Ice Data Network System, built on 30 years of ice management experience. The system gives users constantly updated risk analysis and threat assessments to support their operational decision-making.

Ice Environment Studies

Understanding the ice environment around an oil platform is essential to keeping it safe. We provide valuable insight through ice environment studies and iceberg tracking and management plans designed to keep equipment and operations safe while respecting applicable regulations.

Research and Development

We work with research partners to adapt and apply state-of-the-art technology and techniques from other sectors to ice management. This allows us to continually improve the data we can offer as we develop new management techniques, measurement systems, innovative detection systems and enhanced data collection.