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Contracted Special Missions & Data Management


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Contracted Special Missions & Data Management

Operating with Experience. 50 Years of Flight Operations Driving Mission-Critical Success.

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Misssion-Ready Excellence. Proven Precision. Over 350,000 Special Mission Flight Hours and Counting.

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Featured Special Missions Data Products & Services

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Force Multiplier Program: Turnkey ISR On-Demand

Operating for domestic affairs agencies, coast guards, fisheries protection, search and rescue, and other public safety organizations around the globe, our Force Multiplier program offers immediate access to special missions aircraft, sensors, and crew without the risk of operational gaps, delays, and cost overruns. 

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Environmental Impact Analysis

Utilizing Multi-INT data streams including remote sensing with proprietary data analytics to conduct environmental impact assessments, habitat mapping, and climate changes studies  

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Search & Rescue Operation Support

Backed by over 25 years of specialized experience, PAL Aerospace’s in-house expertise extends to comprehensive ground and in-flight testing on various aircraft platforms, utilizing advanced, proprietary smoke equipment. This service, pivotal in ensuring cargo compartment safety and compliance, reflects our deep commitment to aerospace excellence. Leveraging our extensive experience, we deliver trusted certification results, affirming our status as leaders in aircraft safety testing. With each project, we reinforce our dedication to upholding the highest standards in smoke penetration detection and certification.

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