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Aerospace Design Engineering and Certification


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Aerospace Design, Engineering, and Certification

Engineering with Experience. 50 Years of Flight Operations Driving Mission-Critical Design.

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Bespoke Solutions. Proven Results. Over 8,000 STCs and Counting.

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Featured Engineering & Certification Services

Supplemental Type Certificates & Manufacturing Kits

PAL Aerospace offers an expansive range of supplemental type certificates and manufacturing kits, designed to meet the diverse needs of operators, defense contractors, integrators, and airlines. With one of the largest portfolios of STCs in the market, PAL Aerospace’s strength lies in responsiveness and ability to efficiently deliver customized designs. Whether off-the-shelf or custom-engineered, our kits are a testament to our commitment to operational excellence and innovation.

PAL Aerospace offers an extensive selection of supplemental type certificates from global approval authorities for over 50 aircraft manufacturers to fit your mission.

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Flammability Lab Testing

PAL Aerospace provides flammability testing support services for all aircraft certification requirements with in-house testing capabilities FOR 14 CFR 23/25.853 Appendix F PART I (Vertical, Horizontal, 45 Degree Penetration and 60 Degree Wire Burn) and Fire Containment of Waste Stowage Compartments. Flammability data package services include Fire Testing, Test Plan and report, Transport Canada delegate witnessing and issuance of Statement of compliance (26-0757). FAA certification services (FAA 8110-3 Approvals) can also be provided as per project requirements.

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Smoke Penetration Testing & Certification

Backed by over 25 years of specialized experience, PAL Aerospace’s in-house expertise extends to comprehensive ground and in-flight testing on various aircraft platforms, utilizing advanced, proprietary smoke equipment. This service, pivotal in ensuring cargo compartment safety and compliance, reflects our deep commitment to aerospace excellence. Leveraging our extensive experience, we deliver trusted certification results, affirming our status as leaders in aircraft safety testing. With each project, we reinforce our dedication to upholding the highest standards in smoke penetration detection and certification.

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