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Ice Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Service

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Ice Management Services

Accurate. Strategic. Cutting-Edge.

With 30+ years of effective ice management experience, PAL Aerospace is proud to provide ice monitoring services backed by our maritime patrol aircraft equipped with advanced radar systems designed to detect and track icebergs even in low-visibility conditions. This data feeds into our Ice Data Network System (IDNS), enabling us to provide comprehensive risk analysis and threat assessment. When action is required, we develop and deploy effective and approved ice management strategies, plans and operations. Our services include:

  • Ice detection
  • Ice tracking
  • Ice assessment
  • Ice management
  • Aerial ice surveillance
  • Offshore ice and environmental observers
  • Ice environment studies and management plans
  • Research and development
  • Ice centre with a 24-hour on-call support during ice season
  • Onshore ice coordination centre (OICC)

Why Choose PAL Aerospace

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Experience and Reliability
As operators ourselves, we understand operating safely with a minimum ice-related downtime. Leveraging extensive experience, PAL operators guarantee adherence to compliance standards and timely reporting, all while prioritizing safety and precision.
photograph of iceberg
End-to-End Solutions
Whether our ice management services are integrated into a larger project or required as a standalone support, we seamlessly adapt to your requirements. From initial planning to post-monitoring analysis, we are committed to providing end-to-end solutions that ensure success of your environmental initiative.
Photograph of the monitoring crew on a boat in the ocean surrounded by icebergs.
As a nimble partner servicing customers from individual-operators to large offshore resource corporations or special mission fleets – PAL Aerospace takes pride providing clear, consistent communication throughout the monitoring process.

Ready for reduced ice-related downtime?