Flammability and Cargo Compartment Smoke Testing Services

Flammability Testing Services

PAL Aerospace provides flammability testing support services for all aircraft certification requirements with in-house testing capabilities FOR 14 CFR 23/25.853 Appendix F PART I (Vertical, Horizontal, 45 Degree Penetration and 60 Degree Wire Burn) and Fire Containment of Waste Stowage Compartments.  Flammability data package services include Fire Testing, Test Plan and report, Transport Canada delegate witnessing and issuance of Statement of compliance (26-0757).  FAA certification services (FAA 8110-3 Approvals) can also be provided as per project requirements. 

Flammability Test

PAL Aerospace has over 25 years of experience in aircraft cargo compartment smoke penetration and detection certification testing (Ground/Flight) on various aircraft platforms with our own in-house smoke equipment.

Cargo Compartment Smoke Detection

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