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Environmental Planning & Reporting

Environmental Monitoring Service

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Monitoring and Strategizing Environmental Data

Insightful. Actionable. Impactful.

PAL Aerospace provides a trusted suite of capabilities from data collection, analysis and post-mission reporting to monitor a range of environmental and regulatory data, including wildlife population and movements, pollution patterns and iceberg drifts. Environmental plans and reports developed by PAL include:

  • Ice management plans
  • Seabird monitoring plans
  • Marine mammals/ sea turtles monitoring plans
  • Daily, weekly and end of project report
  • Baseline studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Community engagement and stakeholder consultations
  • Regulatory approvals and permitting

Why Choose PAL Aerospace

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Experience and Reliability
As operators ourselves, we understand the importance of precision in data and reports. Leveraging extensive experience, PAL operators and analysts guarantee adherence to environmental compliance standards and timely reporting, all while prioritizing safety and precision.
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End-to-End Solutions
Whether our reporting and planning services are integrated into a larger project or required as a standalone support, we seamlessly adapt to your requirements. From initial planning to post-monitoring analysis, we are committed to providing end-to-end solutions that ensure success of your environmental initiative.
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As a nimble partner servicing customers from individual-operators to large offshore resource corporations or special mission fleets – PAL Aerospace takes pride providing clear, consistent communication throughout the monitoring process.

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